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Sir Desmond has developed a vast experience before international criminal tribunals in relation to the gravest of international crimes.

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Article in DyNAMC: ISSUE NO.9 / August 2015

"U.K.'s The Right Honourable Sir Desmond de Silva
Fight for Human Rights around the Globe".

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"He's been imprisioned, shot at, and threatened countless times during his more than 50 year career as an international lawyer and member of Her Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Council in the United Kingdom."

Services Offered

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  • Direct AccessAvailable for direct access
  • Individuals & CompaniesRepresenting individuals indicted before international criminal courts and persons and companies before courts in the UK and overseas
  • War CrimesAdvising clients who are or may become the focus of investigation over genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity
  • Crimes Against HumanityRepresenting clients who are indicted for genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity
  • Rule of LawAdvising governments on peacebuilding in post conflict situations such as the need to return to the Rule of Law by setting up Tribunals to bring to account those responsible for violating international criminal law
  • International LawAdvising governments on the incorporation of international law into their domestic law.
  • Truth & Reconciliation CommissionsAdvising governments in the setting up of Truth and Reconciliation Commissions
  • Human Rights ObligationsHaving exerience of working with the UN and the UNHRC, advising governments on meeting their human rights obligations where States have become the subjects of criticism.

International Media

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I have watched Sir Desmond win cases since the early 1990s. He is unquestionably a giant of the criminal Bar. He is a brilliant orator and courtroom tactician, a devastating cross examiner and possesses a detailed grasp of the law. Equally adept at prosecuting as defending, he is as trusted by Government ministers as he is by humble defendants. The scale of his roll of his achievements speaks for itself.

Paul Cheston, Courts correspondent of the London Evening Standard

The collusion demonstrated beyond any doubt by Sir Desmond, which included the involvement of state agencies in murder, is totally unacceptable. We do not defend our security forces, or the many who have served in them with great distinction, by trying to claim otherwise.

It is vital that we learn the lessons of what went wrong, and for Government in particular to address Sir Desmond's criticisms of a 'wilful and abject failure by successive Governments to provide the clear policy and legal framework necessary for agent-handling operations to take place effectively and within the law.'

David Cameron, Hansard

De Silva is credited with having saved more people in the Commonwealth on capital charges than any other practicing member of the English Bar.

The Times

So who do you turn to when you find yourself under sentence of death in Botswana or Sierra Leone? Desmond de Silva QC, one of the most prominent specimens of British legal exotica has, in the last 30 years saved 35 people from the gallows. The tabloids dub him the Scarlet Pimpernel; his knowledge of international law and his refusal to be bullied are behind his success. He is a dangerous adversary.

Weekend Financial Times

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